The reason of edge

Had a little time when I got home from work today, so I rummaged through some more of Brad’s offerings to my loathsome, twisted horder god. From out of all the boxes and bags I have managed to collect a small pile of movement trays.

Another of the things that Brad left with me was a whole bunch of magnetic sheets and a handful of rare earth magnets. Now, my initial thought was “ok, just cut the magnetic sheets to size and stick them into the trays”. But on further reflection I stumbled upon a revelation I hadn’t ever thought about before.

These plastic trays have raised edges. This stops the miniatures from sliding out during movement, as there is nothing to secure them to the tray itself. But introduce magnets and is the need for raised edges diminished? Can I have a movement tray that is almost totally flat? Has this been done before?

Casting my mind back I can’t recall ever seeing what I am thinking of. A quick google search also turns up nothing. So this leaves a me with a couple of questions.

Am I just missing something? Every magnetic tray I have looked at has edges. Is there a sound reasoning behind this, or is it just a holdover from the Games Workshop design?

What material would I use as a base? The magnetic sheet I have is too pliable to just be used on their own, they need to be attached to something. I have seen a couple of articles on using plywood, but that just doesn’t seem that durable to me. Wood warps, and the thickness of the board itself would be an issue for me. I don’t want my troops with an extra 5mm of height. A stronger metal is also an option, but it seems like adding so much weight for no real benefit. I am going to have to explore plastic sheeting options, I think.

Any thoughts on the matter, or links to relevant articles, would be appreciated.


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4 responses to “The reason of edge”

  1. Randroid says :

    All of my movement trays are flat with no edge. Magnetic receptive sheeting on plasticard for the tray and magnets in the bases of the models. Works beautifully.

  2. chicagoterrainfactory says :

    Shogun makes a flat steel tray with no edges. I own a number of their trays with the flange and find them very sturdy and a great base for magnetized figures.

    I would recommend keeping some sort of edge to the tray. Magnets are good and all, but you still need a place to grip the tray when moving around the board, or when setting up/cleaning up.

  3. argentbadger says :

    I assumed it would be to make them easier to pick up (for moving on to terrain etc).

  4. matt says :

    Thanks for the link to Shogun Miniatures. Will take a look.

    Randroid, what thickness plasticard have your used? Have you had an issues with warping over time at all?

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