Matt vs The New German: The Revenge

Brad came around again yesterday and we had another game of Warhammer. He is interested in starting a Warriors of Chaos army, and I happen to have one lying around. So he took Warriors of Chaos and I took the Skaven again. We went for pitched battle again, and randomly selected and placed the scenery.

His army contained four units and three characters. Two lots of Chaos Warriors, Marauders and Chaos Knights along with a Sorcerer Lord, Sorcerer and Aspiring Champion Battle Standard Bearer. On my end I decided to take three units of 35 Clanrats, 30 Slaves, 6 Jezzails, 10 Gutter Runners, 10 Globadiers, 3 Rat Ogres and a Doomwheel. They were accompanied by a Warlord on War-litter, Warlock Engineer, Cheiftain Battle Standard Bearer and an Assassin.

I was very excited that some of the new scenery that I recently built finally got used in a battle. So excited I decided to deploy my Jezzails behind a wall. Possibly not the best position for them.

Unfortunately a detailed battle report really isn’t needed. No offence to Brad, but he played an average game at best. Mostly because he didn’t get the chance to excel, as I was sucking so bad. My Warlock miscast first turn, killing sixteen Clanrats in a calamitous detonation. When my Assassin was revealed in combat he fluffed all his attacks against the Aspiring Battle Standard Bearer. My Warlord even failed to make a real dent, both him and his unit being broken and run down in their first round of combat. The only thing that went right in any respect was the Globadier Bombardier managing to kill a half-dozen or so Chaos Warriors with a well placed Death Globe.

As a testament to how poorly I played the game only made it to the end of Turn 3. I had little hope that three Jezzails and a Doomwheel could defeat an almost unharmed 2000 point Warriors of Chaos army.

That’s not to say it was a waste in any sense. We both had fun in the game, and I learnt a few things. Firstly under the new rules the Warriors of Chaos hit like a tonne of bricks. They have a high Initiative and a large number of attacks, so facing them one on one with an army like the Skaven is going to fail. Charging in seemed pointless, and holding back to give me some more time to soften them up would probably have been the way to go.

Secondly, their magic is nasty. I probably could have done with another Warlock Engineer, or even a Grey Seer or Vermin Lord. As it was Brad could walk all over me in the magic phase, and I didn’t have the power to negate that advantage in the combat phase.

Third, I clearly had the advantage in shooting, but unfortunately Skaven shooting is a bit selective. It hits hard, but there isn’t a lot of it. In hindsight I should probably have ditched the Doomwheel and opted for a Warplighting Cannon instead. At least then I could have been killing a larger amount of infantry in every shooting phase, rather than have the Doomwheel meandering around on the flanks doing as much damage to myself as the Chaos.

Fourth, (and I actually already knew this, but it is nice to have old beliefs reinforced) sometimes stuff just goes wrong. Really wrong. Spectacularly wrong. But you just have to roll with it.


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One response to “Matt vs The New German: The Revenge”

  1. Brad says :

    Yeah, sometimes that is just the way the cookie crumbles.

    I think I deployed quite well and was able to negate the extra drops you had by putting the knights in the centre. Weighting the left and forcing you to deal with the Khorne marked CW if you wanted to outflank me worked well imo.

    Like you say though, after the game started I pretty much just pushed my models forward :/

    I’m still not sure whether to do the WoC army or not. Despite the marks and a reasonable array of options it still feels rather bland.

    Was good to have another battle and make a bit more progress in sorting out the rules!


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