Have you ever had that feeling

So I did say I would give an explanation on where I have been (two posts earlier, if you are keeping track).

As alluded to in the aforementioned post, the bulk of this time was spent on issue 13 of Skavenblight Gaztte. I was quite happy with how this issue came out, though unfortunately most of the hobby specific stuff fell through. It wasn’t quite supposed to be so interview heavy, so self-interested. But thems the breaks.

The other thing I was up to was painting.

I have no idea if this happens to anybody else, but you ever just wake up one day and realise that you have like, a hundred half-finished projects lying around? Well, that happened to me around the beginning of November, so I decided to start doing something about it.

One of my projects lying around was three paintings I had been working on. As in, paint on canvas paintings. The first of these I started nearly five years ago, and still hadn’t finished. So I decided to break them out and finish them off.

The fruits of my labour.

Anyone who has been around my old place would have seen at least one of these. I have a bunch more canvases to do some other ideas I have, but the three that I had already started are now completed works. I am quite pleased.

Speaking of feelings, the other day when Brad took my Bretonnians to battle something occurred to me. I never actually finished the army off. There are a handful of models that still need attention, as well as a clutch of them that had didn’t have the new basing style. I just got so caught up in the Skaven that they were kind of forgotten.

In an effort to rectify this, I decided to tackle the easiest task at hand today. The original eleven knights, fifteen Men-at-arms, fifteen bowmen and Lord on Hippogryph i did all have the grey edges on their bases. The latest version I had been working on omitted the grey edges for black.

So out came the black paint, and over the course of about an hour I redid all the base edges. One step closer to another project completed!



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One response to “Have you ever had that feeling”

  1. Randroid says :

    Hooray for completing projects!

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