Matt vs The New German

Brad is back in Australia for a few weeks over Christmas before he heads back to Germany. So it seemed like an opportune moment to break out Warhammer and trash talk each other.

Thanks to a slight shed key mishap, Brad decided to take control of my Bretonnian army while I marched forth the forces of the Skaven. Since we don’t have a lot of the new edition games under our belts, the traditional pitched battle seemed the way to go. We randomised the scenery  from all that I had available, and ended up with all buildings.

Brad took a nice mix of knights and commoners, with fair-sized Man-at-arms and Knights of the Realm units. I took three sizable blocks of Clanrats, backed up by weapons teams, Jezzails and Globadiers. I also decided to do something different, and took three Rat Ogres and a Packmaster.

By the end of turn three most of the units were in combat.  I was especially pleased with how the Rat Ogres were performing, having charged a unit of bowmen entrenched in a building and breaking them. This left them in prime position to charge back out and engage the large unit of Men-at-arms.

Much like a good Skaven player, Brad used one of my favourite trick against me. The Men-at-arms had a Damsel in their unit with a Tres of Isole, which granted them a ward save. He also managed to compound this advantage by adding some hitting power in the form of a Paladin. These two characters, combined with a buff spell from Lore of Beasts, managed to make this unit almost impossible to shift.

Here we have the other side of the board, with 30 Clanrats trying (and failing) to destroy the Lord on Hippogryph. The unit of Knights of the Realm has also managed to push through and charge the Doomwheel. It didn’t last more than one combat, with the Doomwheel failing its break test and fleeing.

Fast forward to the end of turn six, and this is how the board looked. The Clanrat unit I had left only just managed to rally in the very last turn, denying Brad the points for both them and my Warlord. Of particular note, the Rat Ogres managed to move across the board, charging the Lord of Hippogryph. The fighting was fierce, with the Rat Ogres taking the Lord down to one wound and the Lord killing all the Rat Ogres. Then amazingly, the Packmaster both hit and wounded with is single attack, and the Lord failed both his armour and ward saves. I was very pleased with that. In the end it was a technical draw, with Brad a couple of hundred points over me.

Overall our game was pretty good. Half the time was spent with us looking up rules, forgetting rules, and generally acting like 12-year-old novices. But it was fun, which was the main thing.

I realise that this probably isn’t that much of a revelation to those who have been playing this edition for a while, but it isn’t too bad. Some processes and rules felt odd, but not flat-out wrong. I can see how players generally don’t play this edition at tournaments ‘straight from the box’, as there is quite a bit of randomness. But as something you can break out and play with a mate over a couple of beers, this edition seems very attuned to that spirit.


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