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Constructed most of this Skaven building over the last two days, from popsicle sticks. I don’t imagine Skaven would have a very high architectural design ethic towards their mundane buildings, but at the same time I didn’t just want a boring wooden cube. So I decided to try and make it a little more interesting by giving it a couple of heights, as well as this odd overhang on one side.

As I imagine it, when Skaven set up in caverns they would construct something like this as a kind of storage shed. I didn’t want to put a door on it, as that didn’t seem to fit the nature of the structure, so I left a rough opening. So it doesn’t look like some empty shack, I glued some boxes and items just inside the door, so it looks like there is stuff piled in there.

After it has dried I can attach some more details to it, to give it a bit more interest, and then base it. After this it just needs under coating and painting.


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