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No photos today. I am not game to go back outside into the shed. It is freezing and pouring with rain.

I started two new parts of my Skaven army today, a Plague Furnace and an Assassin.

Rather than convert the Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace kit, I have decided to build on from scratch. So to start I have begun building a base for it, so I don’t exceed the standard unit size.  At the moment it is 12 bases, glued as a kind of ‘frame’ on a thin piece of card. There is no need to waste bases filling up the centre, I’ll just use Milliput or something to do that later.

As for the Assassin, I have opted for something different than usual.

This metal Warlock Engineer will be the base, mostly because I like his Sam Fischer-esque lens eyes. The left arm with the halberd is moulded on, so I had to cut the weapon off and clip away the remaining arm and shaft. I then have a couple of choices for arms, and will post a mockup once I have picked the ones I like.

It might sound a little odd, but I am convinced it is going to look great. And when have I ever been wrong?

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