Not so armless

More, and gradual, progress on the next Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader. I have decided to make this one a little different, and give it only one active arm. The other will be this, a part of an old toy that I long since forgotten the name of. It only just fit into the arm join of the Killa Kan, so I decided to hedge my bets by strengthening the attachment. I filled the hole with Milliput, and inserted a small length of brass rod. Then I drilled a hole into the machines body.

I also drilled out the end of the piece, as well as put leftover Milliput into the other hole (likely needed for casting) in the body.

Using a small piece of plastic sprue offcut, I shaved it down into a rough rock shape. This I inserted into the second Milliput filled hole, to become a warpstone power source. I also cut a length of wire from glued that into the hole I drilled into the bottom.

While that all dried I moved onto the machine. Using plasticard, armour plates from the Ork Trukk kit, and an old Space Marine Rhino handle I detailed the front and top of the body.

With everything dried, I glued the arms to the body. I also attached a couple of smoke stacks from the Killa Kan kit, cutting the spikes off to make it less Orky. Once this is all dried I will attach the other end of the wire.


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