Go go Gutter Runners

If you remember, I made the pickaxe head from scratch with my original test miniature. While this looked great, it just seemed too labour intensive, especially when faced with making multiples.

Instead, I popped down to Model Mania and picked up some square plasticard rods. These I cut into blocks, drilled out one side, and glued to the ends of the shafts. Then I used sections of left over Clanrat spears to create the pickaxe blades.

Three Gutter Runners with arms attached. I am thinking ahead a little, and the two on the left are designed to be a musician and standard bearer respectively. This is just in case I decide to swap this Gutter Runner design out to be the Night Runners later on.

The next three, with a slight variation on the ‘standard’ weapons the Gutter Runners will wield. I am particularly happy with how the gunslinger Gutter Runner is looking.

And these would be the ‘standard’ ones.

After the arms had dried, I attached the tails and gear. They carry an assortment of pouches, spare guns and blades, scrolls and food. Everything you need when you are slinking about underground with nine of your closest enemies.


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One response to “Go go Gutter Runners”

  1. Randroid says :

    These are looking great! Keep ’em coming…

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