Pistols and pickaxes

More Gutter Runner conversion madness!

Cut the head attachments off of nine heads, right behind the ears. Tried to keep them as straight across the head as possible, so that they are looking forward when glued to the body.

With the cut down heads glued to the bodies and drying.

Cut eight right arms off of the Ghoul sprue. Some will be holding pickaxes, some pistols.

This is the ninth arm. This Gutter Runner will be reaching for his pistol, like some cowboy from a Western.

Cut down and drilled out four of the arms.

Inserted lengths of brass rod into the hands I drilled out. Another arm I cut the hand off of and glued on a claw weapon from the Clanrats sprue. The rest I cut the hands from just past the wrist and glued on pistol hands.

I also made a start on the left arms, going through a similar process as I did with the rights.


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