Season with spikey armour plating

Anyone who gets the semi-regular email news from Games Workshop would have received one today. Inside is a link to the latest Advance Orders for the Dark Eldar. One thing struck me, when I looked at this.

Is it just me, or does the Talos Pain/Chronos Parasite Engine look like something from Warmachine?

Dark Eldar Talos

And a couple of Warmachine Cryx Jacks.

Not only this, but the description of the Dark Eldar on the Advance Order pages makes mention of them now having ‘pain tokens’. That sounds suspiciously like the Warmachine/Hordes token system. I’m hoping this is all just a massive coincidence, or else Games Workshop are even more blatantly grasping at the market and trying to get any kind of hold.

Most disappointing though, all this suspicion overshadows a really beautiful and detailed multi-part plastic kit. I could see the top half being used in some really gruesome Skaven conversions.


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