More blogs?

Only sparodic Warhammering has been achieved this past week. Progress has been made on the Skaven tower, which I will do into more depth with tomorrow. Largely my spare time has been taken up editing a friend’s wedding video. It has been a number of years since I edited anything, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

I also posted up a new article of The Trading Post, tiltled Naming Your Blog. Obviously not a lot of help to those with established blogs, but hopefully those intending to start it up will find it informative. It looks like Kuffy changed the site design too, which appears to have thrown the formatting I set up all out of whack. Grand!

As regular readers would know, from time to time I talk about my little video game addiction. It occurred to me a little while ago that I catalogue my Warhammer activities, but not my video game ones.  This seemed odd since I probably spend just as much, if not more, time and money on it as I do on Warhammer. So I have expanded my little blog empire to include Old Foes, a video game blog of sorts.

My little concept for this blog is not to review games that are new, but games that have been played. To get honest opinions on games, without the arbitrary ratings, so that those interested have another source to consult. I suppose the idea is that it is like hearing about a games from a friend, where you understand their tastes and can use that as a baseline for the context of their opinion.

Of course, this will mean building an accurate portrait of the contributors, and developing a writing style that facilitates this. Yes, I said contributors. I’m hoping to rope a few other people in, in order to get a good variety of players. It should also give a good forum for them to express their thoughts on games and the industry in general.

So if you are interested in video games, give my little endeavour Old Foes a look in. Hopefully I can develop something that is of value to everyone.


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3 responses to “More blogs?”

  1. Randroid says :

    I like games. I am aging. Can I contribute to Old Foes?

  2. kuffy says :

    I screwed up the formatting? Argh. Sorry dude, I didn’t notice that. I felt like a change and liked the look of this theme. I didn’t stop to think about the formatting problems that might arise.

  3. matt says :

    I’ll send an email our way Randoid.

    Kuffy, it’s fine. The article entry options for contributers seems a little dicey, I think that is more what caused the problems. I’ll go in and fix it up if I get time.

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