Tavern Talk – New Years Resolution

What’s the word at the pub?

The new year is here, time for all those promises you make to the ‘hobby gods’, friends and family about your hobby.  It is time to admit them to the blogosphere, to share with us all the resolutions you have made for Fantasy in the new year.  What are your plans for the up coming year?  What goals do you hope to achieve for 2011?

Largely, there are no plans. There never are plans.

That’s not true. I suppose one plan is to get the Skaven somewhere near ‘finished’. At the moment development has stalled somewhat, but I want to push it back into full swing this year.

This will also mean I can start to attend some tournaments again. I managed a few early last year, but my attendance was non-existent in the latter parts of 2010. Getting back into the games is something I need to do, as I have been missing it terribly.

However, my main goal for 2011 is for Skavenblight Gazette. It has been going for four years now, since the beginning of 2007, and I am interested in taking it further. Mainly this revolves around taking it out of its little self-involved bubble and turning it into a more regular piece of information.

The most obvious, and the first, way to move towards this has been to set concrete release dates. This way the contributors will have a base to work from, and readers will have an idea of when to expect something new. While the schedule of ‘whenever one is ready’ has been fine initially, the webzine is at a point where it needs to step up and start to deliver more of the quality it (and I) have been demanding of others.

There are many other ways we are looking to improve the entire Skavenblight Gazette experience, from generating more relevant content to utilising the website more. I don’t want to get too involved right now, it is something to talk about more in-depth later. But all in all the aim is to finish with a more cohesive and full experience.

I am especially looking forward to our 13th issue. We have already lined up some impressive content, and I am excited to see what else we can muster.


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