What’s in and out

We have stepped into the last month of 2010. Can you believe we have spent a decade in the future? My entire post-education life has been in this wonder-world. Eleven years out of high school, and what have I done? Amassed a mis-matching dinner set, a greater dependence on my nerd activities and a house I can only just pay for. This truly is beyond 2000. Open the pod bay doors Hal.

Ok, that sounded a little more depressing than I intended for an introduction. My point is, here we are at the end of another year. Specifically, the end of the second year I have been writing on Inane Courage. So how should one begin to cap off a year? Why, by savaging other well-meaning writers blogs of course!

Savaging is not the right word at all. What this is going to be is a brief list of Warhammer blogs that I have started to read this year, and ones that have dropped off my list. Simple as that. As always I will give my honest reasons why things have gone onto or dropped off of the list. If you have learnt anything about me, you know I’m full of barmy explanations.

Shall we begin.

What’s In

Not because it has a Skaven-centric name, or because the author is an Under Empire Forum member. It is filled with honest and informative pieces, like thoughts on aspects of the game or how army lists should be designed. It also posts regularly, which is a big bonus.

Fields of Blood
Lots of Australia specific tournament talk.

Little Green Monsters
Some really excellent hobby work, especially the ideas and techniques used on sculpting greenstuff. Plus an excellent and descriptive photographic style. Helpful when you want to see the little details!

Figs Freak
An all-round read. Little bits a pieces of interest, news, models, and generally informative grabs of the whole hobby. It can sporadically update, but then again, what good blog doesn’t?

Cyborg Trucker’s Role Playing and War Gaming Blog
This blog is especially dear to my heart. Such inspirational work in a wrapper that is like being punched in the face with a cheese grater. You can see that the author is all about the hobby and not about the ‘blog glamour’. Which is rather refreshing.

What’s Out

The Fortress Monastery
It hasn’t updated in 8 months, with no explanation. Off the list. Which is a shame, because I was enjoying some of the 40k hobby content. Especially the Ork wagon conversions.

A Mind of Metal and Wheels
Hasn’t updated in over a year. And here I was looking forward to seeing how the battlefield turned out. Well worth a look, though, for some interesting terrain making guides.

Mordheim in Limburg
Just as this was getting going, it ground to a halt. I really wanted to hear some more about their modular terrain ideas.

The Hunt For the Warpstone Alchemist
This blog in particular looked like it was going to be something special. But it never got past that initial hurdle of, you know, adding any content at all. Which is a shame, because the idea behind it is a fascinating one. But I suppose the world was built on good intentions.

There we have it. Congratulations to those who have become part of my regular reading. And to those on the Out list, thanks for playing. No offence intended, but if something isn’t delivering the decision has to be made at some point to let it go. But if you start updating again, let us know.

Lastly, I am going to throw in a shout out to The Trading Post. Unlike the other blogs, this is one that is made for your contributions. So get onto there and soak it all up.


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