Ramshackle tower

Skavenblight Gazette is nearing the pointy end of completion, just waiting on some illustrations to come in. Those illustrators, and their ways.

Somehow managed to find some time to work on the Skaven tower again. I started with the foam sphere. It had holes punched through it from its previous life holding chocolate on sticks. To fix this up I used PVA glue to attach random screws I have lying around. Two longer ones became these sort of antenna. Then I covered the remaining exposed foam with a layer of PVA glue. This will stop it from dissolving when I spray the whole thing.

Then I moved onto the frame for the canister/bottle. The is made from four lengths of square dowel, cut to size. I have glued cardboard rectangles around the corners to turn into metal plating. An old part of a computer was also attached.

The same square dowel was used to build the frame on the tower structure.

This is what the canister/bottle will sit in. The two parts the attach to the tower have had brass rod pins inserted, and been PVA glued on. This should make for a stronger join.

Lastly, I used smaller wooden rods to build the supports for the foam sphere, on the opposite corner of the canister/bottle support.


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