Schemes on top of schemes

I”m really pushing this scheme based post title thing.

Over the weekend I finished putting down all the basic, base colours. Since I didn’t have a chance to go out and pick up some more Elf Flesh I decided to try to push what I have to the limit. I scraped the slightly gunky, wet pieces clinging to the sides into the centre of the pot and added small amounts of water until it reached a consistency I was happy with. Using this I did two thin layers of Elf Flesh onto the Clanrats. This was followed by Khemri Brown onto any clothing or rags, as well as on the bases.

With this all on the next stage is adding the customary green areas, and detailing and highlighting. Overall I am quite happy with how these guys are coming along, and how little time (relitavely) it is taking me to do them.


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