There are no noob questions – Part 1

Hello, um, Inane Couragers. Inane Couragans. InCoittes?


I have been sent a question which I thought warranted its own post.

hi there sorry to bother u with such a noob question but here it goes. me and my gf are new to warhammer (well i used to play a little when i was younger) i got the island of blood box set and was wondering the best way to stick the rat orges to their bases as there are no holes or slots but they have a peg in each foot i know im being really dumb here and probably missing something really obvious but please could you help me sir

First of all, hi there Allan! Welcome (back) to Warhammer. And nice work on getting the girlfriend interested. Just don’t expect her to let you call her Teclis in the sack.

Moving on.

Your question. It is really quite simple. First, figure out roughly where you want your Rat Ogre to stand. Just flip the monster base over on a flat surface, so the little cylinders are all facing towards you. Take your Rat Ogre and slot his peg into one of the cylinders. Move him around and try some different placements until you feel like it is the position you want. Take note of which hole you have inserted it into.

Ok, there are two ways to do the next bit. If you have a pin vice, or similar small drill bit, then you can just drill the hole out while it is flipped over. If you only have a hobby knife then it is a little more difficult. Make a small X cut in roughly in the centre of the hole, enough so that you can get purchase with the point of your knife. Gently twist the knife so that the blade spins 360 degrees on its point. Gradually you will begin to cut a circular hole into the base.

You may have to hold the base slightly up off of the surface it is on. Otherwise when the blade point cuts right through the plastic you can snap the end off on the surface underneath. And a hobby knife without a point on the end is no good. Keep twisting the knife until you have created a hole just big enough for the peg to slot into.

Obviously the drill option is the wisest choice, but as long as you are careful you can try the hobby knife method.

I hope this helps.


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3 responses to “There are no noob questions – Part 1”

  1. allan says :

    thanks a million mate really appreciate the help jus got to get me some tools now i’ll keep u posted with any progress regards allan

  2. allan says :

    i managed it with some nail sicssors you’d be amazed how well it worked ingeneous ! anyway i got a question about rules(sorry) if a spell causes hits against each rank of five or more models does that mean that it wont work against ranks of less than five wtf is goin on im completely lost!

  3. matt says :

    Glad you have managed to work something out, though I do recommend investing in some proper tools at some point.

    What is the spell name, and the lore/army book it is from? Or are you addressing a part of the magic rules or damage application as a whole?

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