Wearing the human pants

So here is the Gutter Runner all dried and ready for attention.

Work on the arms started first, though. I cut the spikes and bones off of one of the Ghoul right arms and drilled out the clenched first. I then cut a length of brass rod and inserted it into the hole.

If I use the rest of the Ghoul arms to make the weapon arms I will probably have to do a few hand swaps. Most of the Ghoul hands are outstretched and not really usable to hold a pick axe.

Next I drilled out the base of the pick axe head I made yesterday and glued it onto the top end of the brass rod.

For the left arm I am again using a Ghoul arm.

Gutter Runners are armed with two hand weapons, as well as having the option to take throwing stars. I decided to try to represent both these weapons, while also keeping the Skryre technological angle, but giving them hand guns. The Pistoleers sprue seemed like a logical choice, as it comes with a lot of left hands holding pistols.

Again, I cut away the protruding bones and spines from the Ghoul arm, as well as cleaned the mould lines from both arms.

Then I cut the hand from the Ghoul arm, just past the wrist. I also cut the hand from the Pistoleer arm, about half way up the wrist band. The wrist section of the Ghoul arm was too small to insert a pin, but I wasn’t confided just gluing the two surfaces together would hold for long. So I decided to drill out the pistol hand and insert a section of the Ghoul arm into it. This should make the join a bit more durable.

For a rough guess, the two pieces fit together really well. My lucky day!

While the left arms was drying I moved onto starting to sculpt some of the base additions. The pick axe required some banding sculpted below the axe head, to hide the join. It also needed a base for the shaft to balance it out visually.

On the body I added a pair of ragged pants, using a thin sausage of greenstuff at the top to create a fold, or belt. I also sculpted the fur around the join of the head and torso. When the greenstuff sets I am going to have to file down the throat area, it is protruding far too much.

When I make more of these, I will have to cut the knob section of the head off much closer to the ears, possibly in an arc to mimic the area of the torso it connects too. The head is still sticking out a little too much for my liking.

From this point the plan is to fix the join on the left arm with greenstuff, and then glue both arms on. From here I can sculpt the fur on the back and arms, as this will cover the joins too. No point in doing them separately, and then fiddling around to fix them up. Might as well get it done in one fell swoop.


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3 responses to “Wearing the human pants”

  1. kuffy says :

    Nice going so far Matt. I like what you are going for, however the body’s shape bothers me. At least until the arms are on, this rat looks a little bit too contorted perhaps. It is the neck and head, it seems to be wrong. I can’t be sure until I see him with arms on, but the head just looks like it is too far out.

    Great GS work though, and a good conversion.

  2. Randroid says :

    I agree. Perhaps if the head were angled down more it wouldn’t be as strange?

  3. matt says :

    I have a similar concern, but that is why I am making only the one first! At the moment, this one does have far too much ‘neck’. The ears should almost overlap into the torso, but it obviously doesn’t. That is the first thing that will have to be fixed on MKII.

    Once I have attached the arms, and sculpted the fur on, then I can assess exactally what needs to change to make it look a lot more natural.

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