The pick of the litter

It has been a stretch, but I am back on the Skaven. Decided to break the drought by working on the test Gutter Runner. Here are the basic components with the bone removed. The neck on the torso was cut down almost completely. I also cut the joining nub on the Skaven head at an angle (too much of an angle, actually). I then glued all this together.

I have been thinking about the Gutter Runners for quite a while. To fit into the theme, I think they fulfill a kind of caving scouts role, surveying areas and confirming the way the Warprail tunnels will be dug. So for their hand weapon I want to give the a kind of caving/climbing pick axe.

The Marauder weapon at the bottom of the picture is sort of my guide. Rather than try to track down 10 of these (or more, if and when I make more Gutter Runners) I’m hoping I can simply and easily build my own. The materials I am using are bits of old sprue, and a length of plasticard 3m high.

First I marked up the plasticard into sections 7mm and 4mm wide. One 7mm section will be the front of the pick axe, while one 4mm section will be the back.

I also cut down part of the sprue into a cube a little larger than 3mm square.

Next I roughly drew the sections of the plasticard I would have to cut off. It looks very rough, but drawing tiny lines on a piece of plasticard 4mm x 3mm is quite a challenge!

Then the slow, careful process of actually shaving away the excess areas. I created the basic shape first by cutting off the sides and then gradually taking lines off in slivers.

With those done all I had to do was glue them to each end of the sprue cube, and glue on some rivets made from plasticard rod.

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit, it is far from a stellar result. But once added to the model, and painted up, I’m hoping it looks the part. But that’s what these tests are for! Seeing if this stuff works.


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