The Bellower Issue 3

Off hand, I don’t think I have reviewed any webzines this year. To be honest, everyone was starting to do them, and I prefer not to become part of the white noise.

However, said reviews have become a bit thin on the ground lately, and since I have been otherwise occupied to produce anything Warhammer related, lets look at the latest release.

Ogres belly! It’s The Bellower!

First off, it sounds like they had a similar quandry we had producing the last issue of Skavenblight Gazette. Do we run 7th edition articles or not? It looks like they decided to abandon what plans they had made and dive right into 8th. Good for them, I say.

What articles they have included are the usual high quality. In particular, the analysis on the Ogres item choices is very good, and an excellent starting point if you are looking at what has changed in 8th edition. The article on creating a greenstuff banner was also informative, and contained some brilliant written and visual explanations on the process.

As usual, The Bellower looks good too. It hasn’t taken them long to really cement a visual style and carry it across the whole issue.

My only real gripe, and this applies to a lot of webzines, is when they apply the seasons to their dating. For instance, this issue of The Bellower is Issue 3 Summer. Except it isn’t Summer where I am, far from it. We only just hit spring a couple of days ago. These conventions, while they work in a local sense, are especially useless on something produced as digital media.

So as ever, if you are looking for a good read, I suggest you give issue 3 of The Bellower a good look.


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One response to “The Bellower Issue 3”

  1. Randroid says :

    Thanks for the review! I totally understand where you are coming from with the seasonal comment. I plan on switching it up after this year/4 seasons have passed.

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