Fire all cylinders

I dummied up a driver for the War Litter today, but I wasn’t happy with how it looked. It just looked too goofy. So instead I decided to change out the driver for a power source.

It is an Epic 40k Ork Battlewagon with its tracks cut off. On top I have stuck a warpstone chunk from the Plague Monk sprue. I just have to bulk out the underside now, so it doesn’t looks so much like a box stuck on top of another box.

Of course, I worked on the Warlord riding the War Litter too. Where the last owner had cut away the two-handed weapon, the right hand looked like it would suit holding a pistol. Initially, with the left hand, I was going to give him something completely new. However, good left hands are hard to come by, it seems. So I fell back on the original hand, trimming down the left over weapon shaft and using the end of a Clanrat spear as the blade.

The last owner had also cut away the tail, leaving only a short stub sticking out. To fix this I cut this nub off, clean with the cloth around it. I then used this flat surface to attach a sword from the Chaos Marauders sprue. While I was at it I also attached a shield to the Warlords back. What defence-conscious Warlord wouldn’t have a shield?


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One response to “Fire all cylinders”

  1. Randroid says :

    Looks awesome! Perhaps you will be able to add back his tail once he is on the litter.

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