Games Workshops worst kept secret

Any Warhammer (and 40k!) player worth their salt knew this was coming.

Games Workshop announced their latest advanced orders for the Daemons. And look who finally rears his ugly mug.

Congratulations, Games Workshop, on releasing a model that appeared in the Warriors of Chaos book last year some time. I knew you had it in you.

As well as the Daemon Prince there are some rather nifty looking Seekers of Slannesh. Wouldn’t most people who were fielding these have converted their own up months ago, though?

I’m not usually one to ‘GW bash’, but come on guys, pull your finger out. No one cares about this. Everyone wants the new boxed Warhammer game.


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One response to “Games Workshops worst kept secret”

  1. Randroid says :

    I’m excited about the new DP model.

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