The rat in charge

Today I decided to start working on a Warlord model. I want the Warlord to stand out a little, so I decided to base it around the Plague Priest body from the Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace box. I will have to clean the torso up with some green stuff and make it look a little less Pestilens. Since this is a Warlord, armour will also have to be added. For his arms I have the sword and left arms of an Empire Captain. These both seemed like they were armoured enough to do the job. This is all topped off with an armoured Packmaster head.

To make sure the concept was sound, I did a quick mock up using Blu-tac to hold the main pieces in place. It all looked about right. The left shoulder section of the torso is missing, so I will have to add that myself. This will mean that the arm can’t just attach directly to the torso.

I figure then that if I am going to be sculpting on sections of the shoulders, I should put as much framework in place as I can. So I drilled through the flat section of one shoulder straight through to the other. I also drilled out the two arms. Then I cut a piece of brass rod to attach them all too. After measuring, of course.

As you can see, when they are all glued on, the left arm sits out much farther from the left shoulder. Conversely, the right arm is shaped just right to snuggly fit into the space available.

This is a close up of the reverse side. More work will have to be done on the left shoulder, while the right will only require some minor filling. It may be that I end up adding some armour to the left shoulder to cut down on the scope of the sculpting needed.

You will also notice a small nodule I have cut into the back. This is where I will be attaching the backpack.

While I was preparing the rest of the pieces, I realised that there wasn’t enough tech on the model. So I have decided, at least initially, to add this spare Warlock Engineer backpack. I will see how adding the armour and sculpting the shoulders goes, and then look at adding a few more pieces of non-specific technology.


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