This was all done yesterday. However, a certain puppy managed to chew through my internet cord right in the middle of uploading images. So things were put off by a day!

First port of call was filling in some of the gaps with greenstuff. Things were pretty seamless on the actual model, the plastic arm fits snuggly into the socket, and dripping out the hand means that filling in the connection here is unnecessary. All the work was done on the banner itself.

Nothing major, just filling some little gaps, completing the hose connections and generally making sure everything was tidy. Overall I am happy with its progress.

A slight oversight, though, presented itself. I realised I should have tried ranking the model up previously, and popped it into a unit to see how it went. As I suspected, the tail stuck out far too much, and messed with the rank behind. Luckily, because the model is metal, all I had to do was bent the tail around and the problem was sorted.

Since I felt like I was in the swing of things, I decided to knock up a Warpgrinder while I was at it. With the new Ratling Gun rules making them a little less effective, and with a slew of extra weapon teams, fielding another Ratling Gun seemed unlikely. So I decided to use this as the base for my Warpgrinder.

The first task being, sawing off the barrel.

Which will be replaced with this drill from the Killa Kan box. I cleaned up the pieces, and sliced off the spherical hinge that attaches the drill to the arm.

I don’t trust the glue to hold the drill onto the metal all by itself, so I drilled out the end of the Ratling Gun as well as the drill. I then inserted a small length of copper rod to act as a pin.

And there we have it. The Epic tank is assisting me in holding the drill up while the glue dries. I don’t want a saggy Warpgrinder!


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