Say goodbye to Cool Robot and Turn N Spin

These two old toys were given to me the other day, in an old box of Transformers and other action figures. They are close to fifteen years old, don’t work anymore, and are of no real use.

But gut them out, and we find a small collection of nifty looking cogs, motors and thin wire. Excellent for conversion work!

Apart from the five Jezzails and a Packmaster that need painting, I have no additional models for my Skaven army. There are troops that I would like to add to my force. Gutter Runners, Plague Censer Bearers, Warlord on War Litter. But I have no idea how I am going to make them, or if I have enough parts for them.

So today I broke out all the sprues and loose models I have to work with. Above we see the selection of Skaven parts that are available. 20 partially painted and based Plague Monks, 74 multi-part Clanrats of various assembly, 4 loose Plague Monk bodies, 4 of the newer Clanrats that look like slaves and a selection of metal models at the right scale. On top of this are what is left on the Screaming Bell sprue, old shields, a couple of sprues of Packmasters and Rat Ogres, and a sizable pile of plastic Plague Monks and the old multi-part Clanrats still on their sprues.

While on the other side of the table we have Ork Trukk bits, Killa Kan bits, Empire Halberdiers still on spues, Empire Militia still on sprues, Knights of the Realm bits on sprues, assorted banners on sprue, Pistoleer bits and (for the sake of completion) a Mighty Empires tile sprue that came in White Dwarf.

The idea is, I have made a list of the army list choices I want to include in my army. From this list I have started to assign them new roles, in keeping with my skaven armies theme. Using this rough guide of what they are now supposed to be doing, I can go through what I have and see how many of these I can make. At least, that’s the plan.

While I was at it, I also base coated the Packmaster I was working on earlier. Hopefully I can start getting some paint onto him soon, along with the Jezzails.


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2 responses to “Say goodbye to Cool Robot and Turn N Spin”

  1. kuffy says :

    That’s a lot of sprue there. The cogs look useful, do you have any actual plans with them or just happy to have something you can use?

  2. matt says :

    No actual plans for the cogs. Just a demonstration on where you can find good bits. They are now resting in my bits box, awaiting inclusion in some dastardly project.

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