Globadiers away

Today was a public holiday here. Not just that, but the first public holiday where I haven’t had to do something or go somewhere. Rejoice!

So I spent it finishing off my Globadiers.

As well as started painting my Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader. Here he is after his base coat has dried.

Just for the hell of it, here he is compared against my earlier concept model. Surprisingly, they rank up fine.

After a coat of Mithril Siver, Bestial Brown and Khemri Brown.

Here it is after a Bedab Black wash, Elf Flesh on the skin and Tin Bitz used to pick out parts of the machine.

Flesh wash has been used to create the rusted effect, while pipes and other details have been picked out in Emerald Green. The brazier has been painted silver, and then had a layer of Amethyst Purple added. So that is the base colours done, and now the minor details and highlighting needs to be added.


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Freelance Graphic Designer, thinker, and Warhammer tragic.

One response to “Globadiers away”

  1. kuffy says :

    They look great dude. I really like the look of the ‘heavy loader’ one. Great stuff!

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