Seeing green

Have you seen the new Orc and Goblin stuff available on advance order? No? Go take a look now.

The plastic River Trolls look absolutely stunning, in a bloated, freakish kind of way. I particularly like how they have taken the familiar characteristics of the previous River Troll models and really developed them into an interesting and brutish look. The plastic vomit is a nice touch. Interesting, though, that they don’t fit in with the Battle For Skull Pass plastic troll, and those of its ilk. Not a major concern, just an observation.

On the other hand, I am less enthusiastic about the plastic Boar Boyz. The actual orc sculpts look really good, but those boars are just not sitting well with me. I’m not too sure what it is. Obviously the faces are less than stellar, but I also think the body shape is an issue. At least from these screenshots the don’t appear bulky enough. The should be either fatty or muscular, where as they are looking far too lean. Hopefully it is just a poor angle, and the actual plastics look great.


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2 responses to “Seeing green”

  1. Trollhoer says :

    Part of the reason why they went river trolls instead of regular trolls (like the BfSP box) could be that they’re the only trollish type that’s worth taking an upgrade on. Also, the old stone troll models are still appreciated since they’re one of the finest sculps ever produced for the O&G range.

    Feel free to read my impression at


  2. kuffy says :

    I love the look of the trolls. They’ve moved away from the goofy look and just look rather brutal now. I hope they do the stone trolls akin to this! I really dislike the BFSP style trolls.

    The boar boys I like the look of, but the faces of the actual boars put me off. I hope it is just the painting, but these guys just look odd to me.

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