I hope he has a license to drive this thing

Slowly but surely the Rat Ogre comes together. I worked a bit on the pilot today, just getting the basic forms for the area in.

First of all, I took an old Epic 40k plastic Rhino and sliced it in half. The front half, with the slanted front, became the bottom section of the cockpit. I then attached a strip of plasticard on top, covering the protrusion and the Killa Kans body.

On the rear, above the engine, I glued a cut down brazier from the Bretonnian Men-at-arms box. When I paint the model, this will be done as a chunk of warpstone, most likely the power source for the engine.

Then I cut some long, thin strips of plasticard and glued them around the top of the plasticard rectangle from earlier. These will (hopefully) help to create a sense of depth with the cockpit, and make the skaven look like he is sitting in something.

The seat back presented more of a problem. I went though my bits box and picked out some likely candidates for the job, but none seemed right. Using some lateral thinking, I went back through my bits and looked for pieces that had a shape that would suit a chair back, rather than being an actual moulded part of something. In the end I chose a cleaver from a Hero Quest Orc. It was wide and thin, and had a nice curve on one edge. Perfect.

After this was decided, I chose a multi-part Clanrat body and head, and cut the bottom of the torso down so it would fit flush with the platicard. The plan is to make the arms holding the controls from the hand-blade/punch dagger arms in the new Clanrat box.

Next I worked on the magnets. The milliput had dried overnight, so I could add the rest of the milliput and smooth it off. It is still a little uneven, but I think once it is dry a rub with sandpaper will sort this out.

While the milliput was drying I started to think about how they will attach to the arms. Doing a quick search on the internet for crane magnets helped me sort out what I was going to do. Real world industrial magnets seem to have a series of plates that they attach too. I have created something similar by using old undead plastic shields. The mechanical arms will attach to the centre of the shields, and I can add in wires and connections after that.

While I was at it, I also finished undercoating my Cryx. Hopefully I can start getting some paint onto them in the next few days.

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