Steam powered advance of the undead

Because I am stellar at my job I have a couple of days off. So I decided to pop down to Gamers Guild and pick up a couple of thing. These things being the new Orc Killa Kan box and the Cryx starter box. The plan is to turn the Killa Kans into Rat Ogres. That is the plan, anyway.

I decided to stat with the Cryx, though, as they are a lot less work. No conversions, I plan to use the Warmachine models I buy ‘straight from the box’. I don’t want converting whole forces for two game systems taking over my life. One total conversion project is bad enough.

Deneghra was easy enough to put together. Her head glued on, then her back thing. The Bonejacks were a little tougher. I had to file down the faces of the tabs that go into the bases, because the writing moulded onto there was preventing them from slotting in. After this the next challenge was to get the legs to glue at the right angle. It was a little annoying, but I have glued enough stuff together in my time to know the usual pitfalls to watch out for.

The Helljack took a little longer. There is a strange and noticable absence of any instructions in the box, so I had to muddle through a dry run to get a feel for how it was supposed to go together. In the end I glued the head to the body, and the forearms to the shoulders. After these had dried I glued the arms to the body and then glued the hood over the head. Once this was all stable I glued the legs on. I did the legs last because I wanted to make sure I got this kind of lunging pose on the Helljack.

When I glued all the models to their bases I left a couple of millimetres between the bases and the feet. Since the Warmachine warbands are going to be markedly smaller than the Warhammer armies, I can spend a little time on making sure they don’t suffer from that ‘sinking’ appearance. I will need to go pick up some fine basing sand some time.

Overall the started kit was fairly easy to figure out. Like I said, the lack of instructions is annoying, but bearable. Some of the joins are a bit fiddly, but nothing years of experience can’t get around. The legs on the Helljack were the worst part of the whole experience, though. It took a lot of forward planning and careful craftsmanship to get them to attach in the right way.

I am looking forward to getting something onto the bases, so then I can get a paint scheme going.

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3 responses to “Steam powered advance of the undead”

  1. kuffy says :

    I am looking forward to see what you are going to do with the Kans and the rat ogres. An interesting idea.

    Great blog, btw. -__^

  2. allan says :

    hi there sorry to bother u with such a noob question but here it goes. me and my gf are new to warhammer (well i used to play a little when i was younger) i got the island of blood box set and was wondering the best way to stick the rat orges to their bases as there are no holes or slots but they have a peg in each foot i know im being really dumb here and probably missing something really obvious but please could you help me sir

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