No, I jest. This title is here to briefly worry Brad.

So Brad, along with a Privateer Press affiliate Terry, ran a demonstration game of Warmachine down at Gamers Guild today. I hopped a ride with the two and thought I would finally try and get in on the Warmachine action.

Three demonstration games were run simultaneously, all using starter packs. I landed the Cryx, while my opponent was Terry with Khador.

Obviously there wasn’t much to the game, as it was mostly me going through the different phases and special rules and getting a feel for how the whole thing worked.

This is how the field looked at the end of our demo game. I managed to destroy Terry’s main Warjack, but using Sorscha’s feat he managed to whisk her around my force and land some hefty blows on my Warcaster. But it was still good fun, and I hadn’t expected to win. The battle was about learning the system, not fully kicking someones arse.

I am not to sure if it is because there in a new version out, but I not only enjoyed the game but also feel like I got a really good grasp of it. It might just be that I have played enough games now (three) that it has finally sunk in. Who knows.

And here are the other two demonstration games that were going on at the same time.

The guy playing the other Cryx for here, Drew, is one of the owners of the store. It looks like Gamers Guild will be holding a Warmachine tournament for noobs some time soon, so I will try and get into that action. Go splash out on a Cryx starter box and see if I can fail badly at two tournament game systems.

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2 responses to “Boremachine”

  1. Randroid says :

    Hmm. I am interested in Warmachine but I haven’t seen enough of it yet to jump in. Plus I haven’t found a faction that really appeals to me …

    I wonder if anyone around these parts plays it?

  2. matt says :

    I was having a similar problem. In fact, I still am, sort of. None of the factions, thematically, visually or background-wise, really appeal to me. Though playing a couple of games and seeing the different factions and troops in action, I have certainly been enthralled by the Cryx style of play.

    To be honest, I am actually relieved a little. The Warmachine world itself doesn’t really interest me, but the actual game does. It would be nice to just pick up a game and not feel the need to dive deep into its backstory, or have the urge to convert the majority of the models.

    The small model count required to play, along with a fairly robust and straight forward ruleset, mean that this game should be easy to just pick up and play in a casual capacity. Which I am very interested in.

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