Building a better tomorrow

As any self respecting online Warhammer nerd would know, talk about a new edition coming out is all the rage. You can’t go five post without colliding with some halfwit running their mouth off about what a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-black-shirt heard while he was on the toilet in the pub. Appalling, I know.

But I am not going to talk about any of that here. No point. It is already disseminated throughout the internet, filtered and re-filtered again, wheat sorted from chaff, until there is no wheat or chaff but repetitive droll that continually spews forth like the corrosive vomit from a troll.

What I would like to talk about, though, is something that has been sorely lacking in Warhammer. Especially in the current edition. And this is buildings.

“But wait Matt” you say “The latest edition introduced all new building rules, and they work quite well”. That is absolutely true. A point well made. Let me start from the start.

The current editions building rules are very good (see). They are fairly easy to follow, relatively understandable, and don’t require a lot of abstraction or diagrams to get them to work in the midst of a game. And… that’s it. All this time was spent developing building rules, testing them and writing them down, and then they are basically forgotten about.

When the latest edition came out, and it included improved building rules, I was sure this was going to lead to something. Why improve your rule set so dramatically if you aren’t going to utilise it? The simplicity and easy of the rules seemed to be sitting, waiting for some kind of a siege expansion. In the very least, I thought we would see troops that were built  for building assault or defence.

Instead the buildings languish. Disused and forgotten.

So what I am saying is, while the current building rules work great, they haven’t really been integrated into the core gameplay. At least not yet. Which is a shame, especially given that Games Workshop is producing some nice looking plastic buildings now. But as it is at the moment, there is no reason to buy them, to place them on the board. Mostly buildings seem to be treated as impassable terrain, to be wheeled around and cursed at.

Or am I the only one who thinks this?


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