More of the masses

Finally the Clanrats are nearing completion. I just have to finish highlighting the cloth, and then highlight the flesh. After this, use Flesh Wash to make rust patches, and they are all done! About time.

Once these guys are through, I can start on my Jezzails and Globadiers. I also have to go back and detail the other converted Clanrats a bit more, as well as add rust to the Doomwheel. These are not massively urgent jobs, though.

Gobbocon is coming up this weekend, but unfortunately I can’t attend. Which I am a bit disappointed about, but them’s the breaks. I have also agreed to partner with Brad at a Warmachine tournament. Luckily it is a ‘Veteran and Noob’ tournament, where a Veteran player and a Noob player get teamed together. Of course, I am the Noob player. That is on Easter Sunday, so there is still some time for us to put a list together and hopefully belt out a couple of trial games.


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