Get back on that wagon

First thing is first. I finished Mass Effect yesterday. Good game, odd ending though. I’m not too sure what to think about the last boss. The game is odd in that it doesn’t seem to add to the Mass Effect universe in any real way. None of the questions posed in the first game are resolved, and this only adds a couple more. In fact, the storyline seems more like a piece of episodic content, than an entire game. Not that I didn’t like it, but the overall feel of the story wasn’t quite as epic and engaging as the first one.


With that burden lifted from my shoulders, I got back into Warhammer today. It was a public holiday today, and I was supposed to split my time between home maintenance and Warhamering. Luck for me though, it bucketed down with rain for the entire day, allowing me to squirrel myself away in the games room and get back into the swing of things.

My first task was working on painting my clanrats some more. I got a layer of Mithril Silver onto them, along with an Elf Flesh layer onto 20 or so models. So the army slowly inches towards some form of completion.

I also finally got to sit down and start to flesh out the new organisational structure of Skavenblight Gazette. Myself and the other editor have been talking about taking on a third editor, and this discussion has prompted an overhaul on how we run things entirely. At the moment the direction of the webzine, and the types of articles we are looking for, mainly lives inside both our heads. I have been working on a comprehensive article guide, what regular feature articles we run and how to write for them.

Along with this I am also putting together an organisational structure for how we handle our content, both submitted and internally generated. The plan is to put a structure in place that will allow us to consistently put out a good amount of quality content on a regular schedule. That is the plan, anyway.

And for something a little different, the new Killa Kans for the Orks have me excited. I’m not a 40k fan at all, but this new kit shows a lot of promise. I can see Rat Ogre Bonebreaker written all over this box.


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2 responses to “Get back on that wagon”

  1. Sigmar says :

    Hi Matt,

    A quick question, unrelated to Warhammer. Do you recommend Mass Effect 2, is it a significant improvement over ME 1 ?

    I have my eye on the ME series because I’m just about to finish Dragon Age and fancy another RPG/Team management type of game and I thought a sci-fi setting might be fun.

    If ME2 isn’t any better then I’ll just go for ME1 and save myself some cash.

    Thanks Matt.


  2. matt says :

    Honestly, it depends. I would recommend starting with ME1. The story is a bit more engaging, and it would be a lot easier to get into ME2 after playing ME1. ME2 has a slightly better combat system, as well as a streamlined squad command system. And the inventory management in ME1 is truly agonising.

    But because it is an RPG, starting part of the way through the main storyline means you are missing out on a lot of interesting stuff. So personally, I would suffer through the few minor annoyances of ME1 and give it a go. I must warn you, though. If you play ME1, and enjoy squad RPG stuff, then most liekly you will rush out and get ME2 after ME1s completion.

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