I heard there’s fish up there

OK, I have been a bit slack on the blog the last week. I could give you any number of understandable, perfectly reasonable excuses why. But they would be lies.

Mostly, I have been playing Mass Effect 2. And when I say mostly, I mean, every spare minute I have. I am in love with the game. It has all the stuff I enjoy. Shooting guns, loads of dialogue to choose from, and rye subversive  humour. Totally up my alley. Plus I get to chat up oddly shapely alien chicks. And I’m a girl too. That’s good stuff.

What tops it all off is the well written storyline. Man, I am a sucker for a good storyline. Especially this one. It has one of those plotlines where you can see how it is going to end up, but you can’t put your finger on who is your friends or enemies, who is telling the truth or lying, and who it is that will turn out to stab you in the back. I know it’s going to happen, I just don’t know how. And that keeps me playing.

Much to the chagrin of my Warhammer duties.

I know this isn’t a computer game blog, but I do recommend this game. Especially if you played the original and already have a Shepard character to import into the second game. I haven’t finished the game yet, and I am already massively impressed. The sheer breadth and scope of this game is an achievement in itself. More so when you discover there is an actual game worth playing under it all.



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Freelance Graphic Designer, thinker, and Warhammer tragic.

2 responses to “I heard there’s fish up there”

  1. Randroid says :

    Hehe … I had similar problems right before I moved.

    Started my Insanity playthrough but it is slow going. Quite difficult!

  2. matt says :

    I haven’t finished my first regular playthrough yet. I keep getting distracted, flying off into uncharted solar systems and trying to find the extra missions. This, and the resource collecting is playing havoc. I think I spend more time looking for the resources to fund the upgrades than I do actually using said upgrades. Not that I am complaining!

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