Right in the guts

Today Brad came around to christen the game room with a hefty game of Warhammer. 1500 points. Ogre Kingdoms versus Skaven. To the death. A no holds barred battle of epic proportions. This would be a sombre and gritty war, and legends would be sung of its magnificence and horrors.

Ok, Brad destroyed the mood a bit with his cheesy grin. And my visiting nephew hasn’t helped any.

So this is how the board stands at deployment. I have decided to take a Plague Furnace today. Seems like as good a time as any to give it a go.

End of turn 1. My clanrats are fleeing after their Warpfire Thrower explodes over them and the Plague Monks. Some of Brad’s Bulls are on the run too from a nasty Scorch, so that evens out. The Gnoblar Trappers are also fleeing, after being shot by the Doomwheel.

End of turn 2. The Gorger turned up behind my Jezzails, but the fleeing Clanrats rally and threaten the monster. The Giant Rats flee from the board, and continue their reign as useless points. Three Ogre Bulls flee before the Plague Monks, but are caught and killed. The Doomwheel misfires and ploughs straight into a unit of Gnoblars. The ensuing combat sees the Doomwheel win, and persue straight into the Plague Monks, blocking them.

Learn to drive, dumbass.

The Gorger charges the Jezzails, who break and flee. The Gnoblars charge the Globadiers, who stupidly take the charge. While the Globadiers hold out for a round of combat, they are running by the next turn. The Butcher leaves the safety of his Irongut unit and stands around looking smug. Somehow the Plague Monks and Doomwheel sort out their head on collision and move apart. More Ogres flee because of Scorch. The Jezzails fail to rally and flee past the Gorger towards the board edge. The Clanrat unit trails the Gorger, intent on looking like they will actually do something.

And here we see the odd logjam of Ogre Bulls and Ironguts. What is going on?

Annoyingly, the Gorger charges the rear of the Plague Monks. Unbreakable unit versus Unbreakable unit. Terrific.  The fleeing ogres rally and turn to face the Plague Monks. The Bulls angle themselves in the wrong way, trying to divert the imminent Plague Monks charge. Displaying the power of Skaven magic, the Warlock Engineer blasts the Butcher to pieces with Warplightning. Meanwhile, the Doomwheel engages the Leadbelchers, while the Skavenslaves complete their faking move and head for a completely different ogre unit.

End of turn 5. The Plague Monks kills the Gorger, and then charge the Ironguts. The Doomwheel finishes off the Leadbelchers, while the Slaves are smashed in combat with the second Ironguts. The Jezzails rally.

End of turn 6. The Ogre Bulls charge the Clanrats who fail their Fear test. In an amazing move of tactical genius, they flee just enough to completely block the line of sight of the Jezzails. The Plague Furnace fires at the Ironguts to no effect. The Doomwheel fares better, killing two Ogres.

In the end, the battle ended in a draw. I quite liked the Plague Furnace, and will have to include on in my force in the future. Also, only having one weapon team didn’t seem to be a hinderance, which is interesting. Again, the Giant Rats failed to perform.

It is good to see that the Ogre Kingdoms still have some fire in them that lets them compete, though.


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5 responses to “Right in the guts”

  1. Doomy says :

    T’was a tough game that is for sure. The new Skaven just have so many units that seem to be so superior to anything I’ve ever fought against. Given how maneuverable the Doomwheel is I can’t see myself ever being able to deal with it easily. It just doesn’t stand around so I can tenderise it 😛 I may have to give a Hunter a go just to create some doubts in Matt’s mind about its survivability. The accompanying sabretooths would also prevent him from parading his Warlock Engineer wherever he pleased.
    The bloody furnace is also a tough proposition. Whenever I got an ogre unit around the flanks of the unit it would get panicked, making my frenzy traps worthless. I still can’t see how any unit could survive fighting it to the front :S
    The other thing that cost me was magic. I simply could not keep the barrage of spells at bay and this really undid a lot of careful battlefield positioning.

    It was good to have a close game after the utter slaughter I copped last time and I am happy with the role the gnoblars performed so they will get more table time. Now I just have to find some time to batch paint everything!

  2. Randroid says :

    Looks like fun!

    What was the OK list? Didn’t see a Bruiser … did you allow him to take a Butcher as his general?

  3. Roarb says :

    Entertaining read, and lovely pictures 🙂 Well done, can’t wait for the next one.

  4. matt says :

    The ogres did have a Bruiser, I think. Being filled in for by an Arabian Maneater model. He didn’t do anything of note, though. Largely being dragged around the board by his fleeing/rallying Ironbreaker unit.

  5. Doomy says :

    Yeah the bruiser was in with a unit of ironguts maneuvering to get into the flank of the cauldron. Of course when they finally got in position Matt caused them to flee with a spell and undid all of the hard work 😦

    My list was:

    Bruiser w/ tenderiser
    Butcher w/ dispel scroll and skull mantle

    3 Bulls
    4 Bulls w/ ironfists and muso
    4 Ironguts
    5 Ironguts w/ muso, standard and look out gnoblar
    8 Trappers
    20 Gnoblars
    20 Gnoblars

    3 Leadbelchers w/ muso


    Like last time I was testing out a tournament army, so didn’t want to tailor it specifically to fight Skaven. It worked pretty well though I passed a few more psych tests than average I think. Need to work on baiting and fleeing without causing panic.

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