The saga rolls on

More Screaming Bell shenanigans. Things seem to be progressing faster now. The Clanrat crew and Grey Seer are coming along. Painting the Clanrats is fine, but the Seer is turning out to be a little more of a challenge. I hadn’t really thought about how I was going to approach his grey fur, but I think I have it sorted. Here I have used Fortress Grey as a base and dry brushed up to white.

The bell ringer mechanics aren’t looking to shabby either. I am basically following the same painting process as I did on the rank and file Plague Monks/Mechanics.

So this is the chassis as it currently stands. I did a Bedab Black wash today, as well as painted the ropes Snakebite Leather. I also decided to paint in the green warpstone sections, as this will help me to visualise how the chassi colours are interacting with them. I also highlighted the Tin Bitz sections with Burnished Gold. The effect is subtle, but I think highlighting these parts with Mithril Silver will help define them.

The front, after its Bedab Black wash.

And the wheels. More Bedab Black wash.

Today I was looking at some of the new Beastman stuff on the Games Workshop website. The Minotaurs in particular, there is something about them that I find so right, but so wrong. It confounds me as too what is causing that. I am looking forward to browsing through the book, though. Even those die-hard Games Workshop opponents can’t argue, they are really trying to break away from the generic fantasy visual style. Whether it works or not is something different. But the are trying.


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