Bell dandy

Frankly, this should all be fairly self explanatory.

The bell is glued to the carriage, and I have begun the detailing. Here we see the outside of the arm.

The back of the arm.

And the front of the arm.

Under the Grey Seers platform is this little bit of tech. And on the armless side of the bell I have attached this… box. I am going to paint it up to be some kind of release lever system, but in reality it is an Epic scale tank turret.

I’ll leave this to dry overnight, and tomorrow I can give it all a basecoat. At the moment the plan is to paint the wheels, carriage, base, Clanrats and Grey Seer separately. Since the wheels aren’t attached I will have to mark where they will go on the base and add the basing material around it. We will see how that goes.


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