That ringing in my ears

Progress on the Screaming Bell has been made. This is where the bell stood at the beginning of today.

I have glued the bell together. This will be used pretty much unchanged.

I got a hold of an Ork Trukk kit the other day, and am pillaging it for suitable bits of tech. The smoke stack will be included later. The saw is from an old Robots toy, with an Abrams tank wheel as a kind of cap.

To me, the standard Screaming Bell just doesn’t seem occupied enough. Not to mention the Rat Ogre, which apparently fights in combat, is chained all the way at the back. So I am constructing an armoured front portion that a couple of Clanrat guards will occupy. Couple this with the massive saw at the front, and this should adequately represent the stat line of the Rat Ogre.

This is one of the Clanrat guards, sporting a nifty rifle.

And this is the other one, wielding twin hand weapons and with a gatling gun strapped to his back.

I am also not a fan of the Grey Seer clinging to the bell, so I am going to give him a little platform to stand on. Originally I was going to convert the Grey Seer from my spare Empire Wizard body, but that idea soon proved too much of a hassle.

The platform goes on top of one of the rock pillars. I have decided to go with an older metal Grey Seer model I have. I think his pose complements the model well.

And this is where the bell will attach. I have to build an arm that fits into the hole in the segment above. This segment will be pinned into the other rock pillar, seen here with Milliput drying in the space the arch usually fits into.

While I like the Rat Ogre model, I don’t feel that it fits in with the overall theme I am going for with my army. So I have opted to use the Plague Monks from the Plague Furnace to act as the bell ringers.

And this is where it is at as of the end of the day. Sans the bells mount, as the Milliput is still drying.

Overall I am happy with how this is shaping up. To be honest, when I started this project I wasn’t sure it was going to work out. The Screaming Bell kit looks complicated, and appears to be a converting nightmare. But approaching each portion carefully has meant that it has all come together fairly easily.

If I get time tomorrow I might even be able to get the bell mount on. After this, there are only some smaller details to add, and then I can undercoat the whole thing ready for painting. Most likely I will leave the Clanrat guards and Grey Seer separate for ease of paint application. The bell ringers have to be glued on, as their chain has to be attached to the bell mount.

After this thing is finished I can get back into the painting. I have the Clanrats and Slaves from last year to finish off, and two boxes of the new Clanrats to put together and paint. In the middle of next month is the years first tournament, so it would be nice to them the all finished for that.


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