The Invocation: Issue 3

Not too long ago, just a couple of days in fact, issue three of The Invocation was released. It is good to see this particular webzine continuing, especially when you see positive improvements begin to show.

Of course, the first thing everyone would notice is that this issue has moved to the landscape format. Welcome to the future, The Invocation! Nice of you to join us.

I know I go on about this almost every time I review a webzine, but it is a subject quite dear to me. Using a landscape format for webzines that will almost exclusively be viewed on screen is obviously the right choice. This issue of The Invocation is a prime example. There is no need to scroll up and down multiple times to read content, it is all there, page by page.

That is the clipped version of the standard spiel. On with the subject at hand.

As always, the content is nice and varied. Most of it is well written and edited, and the article order seems to flow well. It drags on a bit near the end, especially as you wade though ‘The Children of Maat’. Both the painting articles are particularly impressive and have some really good, clear photography to accompany them.

While it is good to see the landscape format used, it could be managed a little bit more intelligently. The pages are broken up into two columns, but this results in some really wide paragraphs. Three or even four columns would probably have been better, and made the content a lot more digestible. Some of the pages are very basic too, though it could be worse and they could be cluttered with needless flourishes. The former wins of the latter every time.

Overall issue three of The Invocation is well worth a look. As well as articles of interest to Vampire Counts players, there are some really good general painting articles that any player would benefit from reading. A very good job by everyone involved.


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