The Doom Seeker – Issue 2

This is a little behind the times, but I sat down and made notes. And damned if they aren’t going to be referenced!

Issue 2 of The Doom Seeker came out a couple of weeks ago, so most likely nothing I have to say will be anything fantastically new or timely. But, the purview of this blog is to cover all Warhammer that I come across, so here we go.

With most webzines it is around issue 2 that you can start to get a feel for where it is headed. Issue 1 is always the introduction. The staff are so full of ideas and energy and that translates into the issue. Issue 2 is where some of the shine has worn off, and everyone involved has discovered that the hard work just starts all over again. Conversely, issue 3 is about where half the contributors jump ship.

So how is the Doom Seeker looking?

Honestly, from the outset, it is looking very unfocused. Where the first issue had a definite flavour and audience, this issue seems a lot more general. Which is disappointing. The internet at large provides the ‘general’ Warhammer vibe, while the webzines allow a more succinct look at a specific area. So in regards to the overall content of the issue it is very disappointing.

This isn’t helped by the fact that the Doom Seeker never really seems to say who exactly this is targeted at. I wasn’t sure if the first issue was directed at Slayer armies, Storm of Chaos armies as a whole, or Mercenaries. This issue just adds to my confusion.

Thats not to say the content is bad. The articles are easy to read, if a little bland, and there is a good selection of them. It does, however, have an air of desperation about it. Like many of the articles are not fully formed concepts or just not entirely finished. Which is a shame.

The design has improved from last issue, but only marginally. The clipart is way down, but the use of colour is still off. There are also some very ordinary illustrations. Given the popularity of the Warhammer setting for amateur illustrators it shouldn’t be that hard to pull in some original works. And for the love of all that is sacred, ditch the half page adverts. The digital medium basically demands full page promotions, and it just makes your articles look a lot better.

A special mention goes to the editorial piece, too. It reads like a glorified forum post. And that isn’t a good thing. While the points raised are all valid, the tone it uses is just all wrong. It reads like a thirteen year olds whine, rather than an impassioned call to action.

The overall verdict for this issue isn’t good. Download it if you are a staunch supporter of the Warhammer community, especially the creators of webzines. Otherwise this has nothing of real value to offer the general reader. And that isn’t easy for me to say, but it’s better the creators of the Doom Seeker know the problems now rather than later. This way they can correct this issue now and bring out a better product for us.

At least, that’s the idea.


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3 responses to “The Doom Seeker – Issue 2”

  1. Randroid says :

    Yup. Pretty much what I thought too. Here’s hoping you are kinder to the first issue of The Bellower once it is out! ;D

  2. matt says :

    First issues always garner a little leniency. It is the second issue you should worry about! That is where one wants to see an improvement.

    But I have heard a little about The Bellower, and am looking forward to seeing what is produced.

  3. ironlord says :

    I am Ironlord and I am one of the writers for the Doom Seeker (yes I googled one of my own projects but I’m just looking for feedback, not some narcisitic thrill) and I was wondering if you had downloaded any of our newer editions. Issue 5 is just out and you can find our entire back catalogue at .
    Thank you for taking the time to review us (even though it wasn’t a 10/10) and I look forward to hearing any of your opinions that you have.

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