The Twlight Host


It has been a while since I breached the subject of the UnderDark Campaign. With good reason, really.

Things haven’t been doing so well. In the last couple of turns the Dark Host has taken a pasting from the Chosen, while the Surface Warlords became the punching bag of the Syndicate. With Darkpit, the Dark Hosts base, taken and the Surface Warlords losing all their warrens, it looked dire. So dire in fact that members of both factions decided to do something drastic and merge the two flagging entities. And thus was born The Twlight Host.

While I was against the idea, and still am, it has bore some interesting fruit. I now have a bunch of like-minded individuals on my side. True they are pathetic surface-things, but still, you take allies where you can. The aim now is to, well, not die a horrible, horrible death.

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Freelance Graphic Designer, thinker, and Warhammer tragic.

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