I’m going deeper Underdark


Though not intentional, I haven’t really talked much about the UnderDark campaign. I shall remedy that now.

Turn three started a couple of days ago. While not as terrible as initial estimations, the Dark Host still didn’t perform spectacularly. The western front, the front I am on, is holding strongly. Our southern lines, though, are easily being pushed back.

I wasn’t too sure why this was, to begin with. But I soon learnt much of the Dark Host is MIA, not handing in their orders for the turn. In some cases some of the players haven’t even placed their characters on the map! With so few of us fighting so many of the enemy I am quite impressed we have done as well as we have. Imagine is we had even a two thirds contingent.

So far the campaign is enjoyable, though slightly more aggressive than I first thought it would be. This could be the lopsided teams giving that illusion, I’m not sure. I don’t really have a frame of reference. There are facilities for spying and other forms of intrigue, but the ability to create armies on absolutely any node directs the campaign in a more combat oriented direction. It is also a little hard to keep track of everything, as finding relevant information involves going and looking at multiple topics on the UnderEmpire forum.

Still though, it is an enjoyable game. It is a lot of fun discussing the faction tactics with the other players, though I think some might be taking it all a little to seriously. I have particularly enjoyed the fiction writing aspect. Not only writing interesting stories, but including turn relevant information (like other players on the same node, why you are moving where you are, etc.) in a way that doesn’t sound forced. So far I think I have accomplished this quite well.

It looks like the powers-that-be in the Dark Host faction are attempting to jettison some of the dead wood in our ranks. So if this campaign sounds interesting to you, there might be some openings soon. Check out UnderEmpire for info.


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