Irregular Magazine – Issue 2

061009-irregular_issue2The internet is abuzz with skaven related posts, so I don’t really feel the need to contribute to the cacophony. I do feel the need to promote something I haven’t seen get much air, Irregular Magazine.

Issue two of Irregular Magazine came out a few days ago now. It is put together by a group called the ‘Sheffield Irregulars‘, a collection of hobbyists who meet both in the real world and online.

Most readers of this blog are probably used to my ‘hellfire and brimstone’ approach to self-published works. This is brought on, across the board, by my high standards for fan made content. I have a firm belief in the community putting out top-notch material, and my careful deconstruction of everyone elses webzines is my way of trying to raise the bar. Why am I bring this up? Because I don’t need to do that there.

Sure, there are niggly problems here and there, but overall Irregular Magazine is an extremely impressive and polished publication. Five stars. Gold rated.

So lets look into this thing a bit more.

All the articles are well written. I don’t know if it is just good authors, or an outstanding editorial team, but all the content makes sense and flows really well. I like the selection of different system articles. You can tell that this is obviously a group that plays a number of rule sets and systems, and enjoy it. The pieces aren’t hard to get into either. Universally they have a really open, easy to follow style. I found myself reading articles on games I had never even heard of, and really enjoying them.

The article title treatments are interesting and appropriate to the articles, adding a lot of character. It really helps to get a feel for what the article is going to be about. The recurring page elements really fit the visual style, as well as being easily recognisable. Some of the text formatting could be a little more elegant, but the text size and font choice make it all very readable. My main gripe is that the text doesn’t need to be hyphenated. Having words that break up and continue on another line isn’t necessary, especially in the digital format, where you have unlimited page space. I would also like to see a little more consistency in text formatting, with things like paragraph spaces and such.

Overall, Irregular Magazine is definitely a worthwhile read. Not only will you get some good Warhammer articles, but also a host of other unrelated content that will interest , rather than hinder. I’m looking forward to seeing what is delivered for issue three.


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4 responses to “Irregular Magazine – Issue 2”

  1. Randroid says :


    No, just kidding…

    Glad to see the review of this mag. I have been trying to download it to take a look but I can’t seem to get their site to work!

    Perhaps I will give it another shot today.

  2. matt says :

    If you have any more trouble just let me know. I can get the pdf to you somehow.

  3. sheffieldirregulars says :

    Hi Matt – thank you for the amazing review of issue 2.

    Tightening up the layout is something we are trying to get better with each issue – we will endeavour to make issue 3 even better. It’s a big help when people tell us where we can improve.

    @Randroid, please let me know what problem you’re having with the site – and I’ll get on to fixing it. Very sorry you’ve not been able to download issue 2 already.

    We have content supplied from all round the world – and are always looking for new contributors. So if you ever fancy writing an article, the editors would love to hear from you.


  4. sheffieldirregulars says :

    Hiya – just thought I’d let you know that issue 3 is now out – with a bunch of undead theme content.

    The website has also had an update, and you get all the previous editions from the back issues page.

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