The long weekend goodnight


Around these parts we had a long weekend. Three days off, should be good for getting some Warhammer in. Evidently not.

I finished the Plague Monk unit filler and glued it together. With this done, I went on to base the Plague Monks and Slaves. This took me three days. I kept doing little bits, and then having to go do something, come back, do some more. I’m sure you all know how it is. On some level, its frustrating.

Yesterday I hopped onto the train and went into the city, where I spent four or five hours playing some Warmachine. Fear not! I am not abandoning Warhammer. But it is good to play other systems and see what is out there. Actually, I quite enjoyed it. Where Warhammer is all movement, careful planning and battle tactics Warmachine seems to be largely skill management and all-or-nothing plays.

The forces don’t have to be too big to play a decent game, so I think investing in a medium size army isn’t out of the question. I suppose the only real downside is that the Warmachine community is a lot smaller, and travelling into the city to get games will be the norm for quite a while. But I can live with that.

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