Old enemies clash


Craig came around today and we threw down in quick 1500 point Skaven vs Chaos pitched battle.

The Warriors of Chaos were sporting 5 Chaos Knights, 15 Chaos Warriors, 15 Marauders, a Shaggoth and three Exalted Champions. My Skaven were fielding a modest force of 19 Stormvermin, two lots of 25 Clanrats, 15 Plague Monks, 5 Warplock Jezzails, two lots of 20 Slaves, a Warplightning Cannon, 2 Ratling Guns, a Warpfire Thrower, an Assassin and two Warlock Engineers. One of these Engineers was the force general, while the Exalted Champion on horse was the Warriors of Chaos’ general.

Through clever planning, and the blessing of the Horned Rat, the Skaven chose their side, and were given the honour of deploying first as well. The bulk of my force was placed on the right of the ruined hill. Clanrats hugged the rocky outcrop, with the Plague Monks and then a unit of slaves next to them. Behind these troops waited the Stormvermin, protecting the Warlock Engineer general. On the left of the hill was the other Clanrat unit, also loitering close to the feature. In the mid of this section I placed the other slave unit, and near the back of the table, the Warplightning Cannon. On the hill I placed the Warplock Jezzails, giving them a good view of the battlefield. On the ground in front of them stood the second Engineer.

The Warriors of Chaos were evenly spread out, with the Shaggoth and Knights on their right flank, and the Marauders and Warriors on their left. The armies general rode with the knights, while the standard bearer threw his lot in with the Chaos Warriors. The third character bulked out the Marauders.

Overall, the battle was closely fought, with both sides getting the upper hand on a number of occasions. The Skaven managed to funnel the Chaos away from their left flank and towards the centre of the table. The plan was to bunch them up and fire on them, though this plan was hindered by catastrophic failures of multiple shooting units. The Warlock Engineers did manage to cause the Chaos Warriors to flee early on, though, effectively denying the Chaos one of their heavy hitters for much of the game.

The Shaggoth consistently supported the Maruaders, flank charging the enemies this unit was engaged with on multiple occasions. It was eventually taken down in the later turns by consistent Jezzail fire.

While killing machines on paper, the Chaos Knights managed to perform poorly against one of the Clanrat units. This was compounded when an Assassin revealed himself and took the general out in a challenge. While the Clanrats ultimately lost the combat and broke, this was still a coup for the black clad Eshin.


In the end, the battle was extremely close. The Skaven only had the Stormvermin and two Warlock Engineers left at the end, while two Warriors of Chaos and two Chaos Knights remained on the Chaos side. The Chaos had also managed to capture two standards, while the Skaven boasted points for killing the general, and capturing a table quarter. With points totalled up, the game came to a draw, leaning slightly in the Skavens favour.

Maybe next time!


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