Mighty machine men

Thanks to the White Dwarf scans yesterday, Inane Courage saw an impossibly huge influx of readers. I fully expect them all to never return. If you did stick around, however, welcome aboard. You will find no shelter here.


Work started on the Plague Monks unit filler today. In the murky depths of my bits box I had this old Chaos Space Marine Obliterator that a friend gave me. Honestly, I couldn’t see me ever actually using it as a Chaos Space Marine, but its boxy design and prevalence of metal plates make it perfect fodder for skavenising.

I cut the arm knobs and skull on a spike off. Like most metal Space Marine miniatures, the head was a little tricky to cut away. Diving into the past, I used the trick I developed on Tzar Boris, drilling into sections of the head and slicing the rest away. Then I cut the back section off of the skaven head I chose at the same angle, so that it would fit on as flush as possible. Lastly, I drilled our both arm sections, so I could pin on the new arms.


And these are his arms. The shoulders are both made from Ork Gargant turrets with the bases drilled out and pins inserted. On the right is what is supposed to be a kind of skaven welding device. This will be his left arm. The welder is an old Transformers gun, the owner of which I think was lost years ago. The other piece, on the left, is his right arm. From the small hole that is visible I will attack a piece of wire. This will attach to the power pack and be where the welder gets his juice from.

Power pack, you say?


That would be this guy, a Mechanic pulling the power device on a cart. Obviously the Mechanic is made from a Plague Monk body and head. The arms come from the Flagellant sprue, and used to be hands holding the two-handed flail.

The cart is made from a balsa wood frame, with plasticard rod as the handles and axle. Those familiar with the skaven model range will spot Clanrat shields appropriated to be wheels.

Of the power pack itself, there are three main elements. The first is a Bretonnian Peasant Archer brazier with the stand cut off. This will be painted up to be a chunk of warpstone. The mechanical section is another part from an Ork Gargant. I think this comes from off of a weapon attachment, and might be a Wierdboyz Tower. Don’t quote me on that, though. And the last bit is a small connector from the inside of a computer with a clipped nail as an aerial.

The cart came out a little larger and bulkier than I had wanted, so getting both that and the welder onto the base will make it a little crowded. I think this will be ok, though, as long as I position them right.


What with waiting for carts, devices, cyborgs and welders to dry, I had some spare time. So I constructed these three ‘slavemasters’ to go into the slave units. I suppose they are basically the skaven tasked with driving the slaves forward.

If I can get the Plague Monks unit filler finished tomorrow I might be able to get them and the slaves based. Once that has happened, it is only a quick step to having them base coated and ready for painting.


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