Crates, the FPS staple


Who ever thought finding cubes of a certain size would be so difficult? I was out for about two hours today, looking in all kinds of shops for something to base my crates off of.

In the end I found these ‘wooden craft cubes’ in Spotlight. They are roughly the right size, and the wood grain will mean a little less work making them look like convincing crates.


So far what I have done is to cut strips from some thin plasticard and glue them around the outer edges of some of the cubes. These will be the metal frames of the crates. Details like rivets will be added after all the frames are glued on, to make them look a little more industrial and substantial.


I also started working on my Plague Monks/Mechanics. So far I have cut the fists off of a bunch of left arms. The plan is to then make some claws, glue them to the arms, and then glue the arms on. This way I can position the claws so that they do not get in the way. After they are stuck on, I can add the details, like the hydraulics and the shoulder plates.

The first turn of the UnderDark campaign is almost over, and I haven’t submitted by report yet. I am a little worried, as I am a perfectionist and I want to finish my ‘short story’ first before I submit the report. That will also grant me an extra spoil.

My main problem is that my ‘short story’ is quickly turning into a first chapter. It just keeps going, and won’t stop. And this is just the setup!


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