More like ten shitloads

I didn’t mean to go for this long without updating, but I really haven’t done anything. Over the weekend I meant to work on some of the skaven some more, but instead ended up playing Gears of War 2 for the bulk of it. It is actually a really good, engaging game. The hyper-masculinity and appalling GI speak initially put me off, but getting into the game proves it has some rewarding content. I highly recommend it, if you haven’t played it already.

On to the tiny men!


Again, a day off work today. Things are slow since all of the government budgets came out late this year. At least this translates into more time to spend on Warhammer!

I popped in to Gamers Guild to pick up some sculpting stuff. Recently they started stocking hobby material made by this company called Gale Force Nine. The company has a selection of products, like plasticards, basing materials and sculpting tools. I haven’t had a look at the rest of the stock, but the sculpting tools I bought are really good quality. I wanted to pick up some Greenstuff too, but it was all sold out. So that will have to wait.


This is why I was looking at sculpting products. I tried to sculpt the ‘sacks’ that these slaves are supposed to be carrying. Greenstuff would have worked a lot better, but I was forced to use the only available material I had on hand, Milliput. Milliput works well on filling gaps and smaller jobs, but it isn’t really made for larger sculpts.

The slave on the left isn’t looking too bad, his sack looks almost sack like. The one on the right, though. He looks like he is carrying a slab of meat.


While I was at it, I also filled the gaps on these slaves. I also put together this slave, on the far right, from a left over torso and the head-in-stocks from the Empire Flagellant box.


This is what the rest of the slaves are looking like. I have made some more ‘bundles’ for gnoblars to carry from old wires. What I am on the lookout for, though, is something to use a crates or boxes for some of the slaves to carry. A good idea on what to use eludes me, though. Suggestions are welcome.


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2 responses to “More like ten shitloads”

  1. Randroid says :

    Back to work slave!! ;D

  2. Shelexie says :

    Really nice work! Keep it up!

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