Hit the ground running


Again, a day off. I like having a day off during the week. I should have it written into my contract.

I should get a contract.

So today I based the Stormvermin regiment. I’m just waiting for them to dry and then I can basecoat them, ready for painting.





Also as promised, a more detailed ‘360’ view of the Stormvermin unit filler.


Basing the Stormvermin didn’t take long, so I also started work on more of the slaves. Here there is mostly gnoblars with gnoblar heads, but a few I stuck Clanrat heads onto. There are still five gnoblars outstanding, as well as the unit fillers that will require work.


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One response to “Hit the ground running”

  1. Shelexie says :

    Hey, I just found your site and you are doing great work. Keep it up! Unfortunately, I play the most hated Lizardmen but I can still appreciate the work you are doing =) Keep up the great work and keep posting!

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