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Of all the things of the hobby, painting is the hardest thing to find time to do. But find time I have!

I’m happy with how the Loader is progressing. Mixing greenskins in with the unit will mean that I won’t have to paint clan markings on them, as their green skin will help to tie them in to the clans colour scheme. Overall I’m happy with the gnoblar himself, but the load he is carrying needs some more work. I think I’ll have to paint it with a colour other than brown, as it doesn’t look like he is carrying important cargo, just sticks.





The Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader is certainly coming together. I was a little concerned about it’s mainly metal colour scheme, but I think that applying the clan markings and colourings has helped to fix that up.  Not only have I painted the clan symbol in green, and done the weathered patch as on the troops, but I also applied a series of scrawls and hazard lines in the green too. These really help to break up the large silver and brass areas.

Some of the metal areas require a little more work to age them, but overall it is looking quite good.


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