Turns out it is true, you do learn something every day. Today I learnt that if the internet is for porn, then DeviantART is for crap.

It’s that time again where I put my weight behind finishing the next issue of Skavenblight Gazette. Amongst the usual rigmarole of chasing up articles, and the inevitable need to write some high end make-up content myself, I have run into a problem that we haven’t really had before.

We have no cover.

The artist, who shall remain nameless, who volunteered to do the cover for us has disappeared. My money is on assassinated, killed in the night while he slept. If not, it will now  happen soon. Totally by coincidence, I assure you.

You can’t have a magazine without a cover, it’s just not on! So I thought now would be as good a time as any to hop onto DeviantART and petition a few artists to allow the gazette to suckle at their artistic teat. No nourishment has been forthcoming.

When did DeviantART become the image refuse pile of the internet? A search through the artwork tagged ‘skaven’ reveals over 950 images of glorious banality and misunderstanding. There are very few images that are of any real worth. In fact, most that I found that were any good were drawn by my own brother. I kid you not! Our families hooks are deep into the web, nay, nerd culture itself.

The culmination of this bizarre and fruitless rant? I throw my hat down to the public.

If anyone has some pre-created ‘A4 landscape’ sized artwork that is Skaven themed, or thinks they can put something high quality together in a couple of weeks, drop an email to editor@skavenblightgazette.com

End of line.


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